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Kerala Natanam or Kerala Dance is a novel art form evolved Kerala Natanam from Kathakali and is comprised of nritha (absolute or pure dance) nrithya (dance with music and gesticulations) and natya (dramaturgy) and angika (body gestures), vaachika (verbal), aahaarya (costumes and make up) saatvika (of temperaments and involuntary status) abhinaya (acting), in accordance with the thala mela (rhythm) order of the percussion instruments used in Kerala. The art form of Kerala Natanam was created and composed by Guru Gopinath.

Kerala Natanam is comprised of Nritha, Nrithya and Natya based on traditional Kathakali, without detracting from its basic tenets but has some of its complex involutions and intricacies. Though it has originated or evolved from Kathakali, it is neither Kathakali nor an attempt to reform or redefine it. In simple words Kerala Natanam is a classical dance following rudiments of 'Natya Shastra' and practicing basics of Kathakali techniques.

  • It is a classical dance suited for both men and women. It is not confined to men alone as Kathakali was.
  • It is ideal for solo, duet and group performances and is designed for dramaturgy - Nataka Natanam and ballets.
  • It is universal because it is stylised and choreographed with a universal audience in mind. It is more lokadharmi in approach without deviating from the classicism.
  • It was this dance, which made dancing popular, communicative and enjoyable to masses.

Article Credits: Gayathri Subrabaniam

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Kerala Natanam Artists

1. Gayathri Subramaniam

Kerala Natanam
 Raja Ravi Varma
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