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Bharatanatyam, also spelt Bharatnatyam or Bharathanatyam, is a classical dance form of South India, said to be originated in Thanjavoor of Tamil Nadu. Bharatnatyam It was known as "Daasiyattam" since performed by Devadasies in temples of Tamil Nadu long ago. The name 'Bharatanatyam' is derived from three basic concepts of Bhava, Raga and Thaala. The modern Bharatanatyam was systematically regularized by well known 'Thanjavoor Brothers', Ponnayya, Chinnayya, Sivanandam and Vativelu.

The dance is performed in the stage as Nritham, Nrithyam and Natyam. Bharatanatyam is based on the theories of the books 'Natyasaasthram' and 'Abhinaya Darpanam'. The dance form is based on 'Adavu' (steps) and 'Hasthamudra' (hand gestures). There are 64 basic 'Adavu' and they are divided into 9 parts, on which 'Thattadavu', 'Naatadavu', 'Kuthithumettadavu', 'Mandiadavu', 'Sarikkal' and 'Thattumettu' are very important. Communication is done through 'bhavabhinaya' (facial expression) and 'hasthamudra' (hand gestures). The performance starts with the prayers to God Ganapathi and worship of Nataraja Moorthi.

The sequence of the dance performance is 'Alarippu', 'Jathiswaram', 'Sabdam',  'Varnam', 'Padam' and 'Thillana'. After 'Thillana', with a 'Mangala Slokam' the dance program ends. Normally the performance lasts for two to two and half hours.

The costume is paijama and jacket of Kanchipuram silk and Banaras silk. The dancer wears a lot of ornaments of shining stones on neck, ears, hands, and head, jasmin garland in the hair and foot trinklet with small bells.

The music of Bharatanatyam is based on Carnatic classical music. The instruments used are Veena, Flute, Mridangam and Violin. The dance direction is done by 'Nattuvanar' giving the Thaalam using hand symbols and singing 'Vaaythari'. There will be two singers also.

Some of the famous Bharatanatyam performers are Bala Saraswathi, Mrinalini Sarabhai, Rugmini Arundel, Kamala Laxman, Padma Subrahmaniam and Chithra Visweswaran. Panthanalloor Meenakshi Sundaram Pilla, Panthanalloor Chokkalingam Pilla, Padmasree Vazhoor Ramayyan Pilla and Adayar Laxman are some of the famous 'Nattuvar'.

As listed below, we are building a database of Bharatnatyam artists. One webpage will be made free for each artist and linked in this page along with below list of artists. If you are a Bharatanatyam artist or if you wish to recommend any artist, you can send the following materials to our email ID Email. Valid submissions will be scrutinized, edited and placed in the site within 3 weeks.
  1. A passport photo (JPG format, maximum 200 Kb)
  2. A performance photo (JPG format, maximum 400 Kb)
  3. Three or four paragraphs of summarized text (electronic form, typed as plain text email or attached as txt or doc file) about artist's life and achievements in the field. The text shoud be as abridged as possible, 3-4 good paragraphs of most important things about the artist, in summary form, not listed form.
  4. Contact details like postal adress, phone, fax and email ID.
Above materials to be sent to our email ID Email
Bharatanatyam Artists
1. Priya Murali
2. Sucharita Datta
3. Ganga Thampi
4. A. Janardhanan
5. Smt. Shaly Vijayan
6. Renjith Babu C.
7. The Dhananjayans
8. Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
9. Fumika Kawaharada
10.J. Suryanarayana Murthy
11.Bobby Joseph
12.Rumya Shanker
13.Deepa Lakshmi
14.Lakshmi N. Pillai
16.Radha Marar
17.Uma Palam Pulendran
18.Gayathri Subramaniam
19.Rashmi Joji John
20.Shweta Nair
21.Kalaimamani Sailaja
22.Sapna Patil
23.Jwala Priyadarshini Rejimon

1. Arun Gopinath

1. Gajendra Ganesan
2. Kiran Gopinath
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13.Anjali Nandan
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1. Babu Parameswaran

 Raja Ravi Varma
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