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Dr. Ayswaria Wariar

Dr. Ayswaria Wariar Dr. Ayswaria Wariar is a Mohiniyattam exponent having a PhD in Dance from Bharatidasan University. She has worked extensively in the field of Arts & Heritage Management for 20 years as an Arts Administrator, Curator, Educator, Researcher & Filmmaker. Dr. Wariar has performed extensively both in India and abroad. She has been honored with several awards and has evolved into a highly polished dancer by supreme dedication, study, intellectual rigor and discipline. A recipient of the Pravasi "Kalashri" award from Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy, Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Kerala, she is also a recipient of Senior & Junior Research Fellowships from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India; SAARC Research Grant under 'Hindu Cultural Trails', SAARC Cultural Centre, Colombo Srilanka.; Empanelled as an 'Established Artiste' ICCR, External Affairs Ministry, Govt. of India & a Grade 'A' Mohiniyattam Artiste, Doordarshan, Prasar Bharati, India.

Dr. Ayswaria Wariar hails from a family of artistes. She was initiated into the art of classical dance at the tender age of five by her mother Smt.Sreebala Menon. Subsequently, she was trained in the two styles of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam under eminent Gurus such as Dr.Sucheta BhideChapekar, Udyogamandal Vikraman and Kalamandalam Saraswathi; she undertook advanced training in Abhinaya from senior instructer of Nangiarkoothu Margi Usha; she obtained guidance in Sopana Sangeetham under Padmabhushan Shri Kavalam Narayana Pannickar.

Dr. Ayswaria Wariar has made a signal contribution to increasing the awareness and appreciation of the dance form of Mohiniyattam outside the limited geography of the State of Kerala; by her performances, lec-dems and writing she has introduced thousands of people in the rest of India and Indeed, South East Asia to the beauty of this wonderful classical art form. She has established the Nrityodaya School of Classical Dance in Vadodara through which she imparts high quality training in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam; this builds, in young people, a deep connect with the ancient Indian culture and ethos. She is the Founder Director of Nrityodaya Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the Indian cultural and spiritual heritage through the medium of classical dance. In 2016, Dr. Ayswaria Wariar conceptualised, directed and produced “Nilima – Beyond the blue… an exploration” a 20 minute dance film based on the consummately beautiful poem authored by legendary writer and poet V.Madhavan Nair “Mali” This film won several accolades and is now streamed on Manoramaonline’s Web Portal and YouTube channel.

Dr.Ayswaria Wariar has always approached every performance and choreography from the point of view of the audience; therefore she has introduced a more contemporary flavour to the traditional pieces that she presents; she has especially introduced an understated and yet powerful emphasis on rhythm; this has no doubt reverberated positively with audiences wherever she has performed. She has also paid careful attention to music to ensure that the audience enjoys a more complete experience and takes utmost care that traditions and technical purity are furthered while adapting the art to the contemporary environment.


Dr. Ayswaria Wariar

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