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Suchithra Sajeev

From the tender age of 3 years, Suchithra Sajeev dance has become Suchithra Sajeev’s part of life and won five number of 'Kalathilakam' titles in Kerala School Youth Festivals. With over 25 years of intensive training and sheer dedication towards dances, she has developed good command over all forms of Indian classical dances. Her passion remains deeply rooted in classical dances such as Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi and Kerala Natanam, and has participated in summer dance workshops conducted by LalithaKala Sadanam for different dance forms. Suchithra Sajeev fine honed her skills under Sri. Raju Master and Sri. Sivanandan Nair, Swathi Thirunal college of Music. She holds B Tech in Computer Science and MFA in Bharatanatyam.

Suchithra Sajeev has also presented live TV programms for more than 5 years in City channels and anchored many TV, Quiz and public programms on stage and branched out as a group performer and choreographer in her twenties. She has got ‘Nritha Prathibha’ Award in 2000, at Sarga Kalakendra in Kerala and has received numerous Accolades, Medals and Kalathilakam titles in college and university youth festivals in India. She has choreographed and presented many dance programmes in Dubai, KSC (Kerala Social Center, Abu Dhabi), ISC (India Social Centre – Abu Dhabi) and Abu Dhabi Malayali Samajam. Now she conducts Bharatanatyam dance classes and other forms of classical dance classes in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Suchithra Sajeev is married to Shri. Sajeev.

Contact Details: Suchithra Sajeev
P.B. 114060
Electra Street
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Suchithra Sajeev

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